About Us

We are administrative consultants for all areas of your business. Our services include duties of
a secretary, data capturer, bookkeeper, internal auditor and accountant. When you outsource these tasks, you free up time to focus on areas of your business that promote growth and increase your bottom line.

Our company is based in Pretoria but have a client base across the Gauteng province.

Our practice can offer you the complete solution for your business and personal accounting and taxation needs, with the personal attention that you deserve. We ensure no detail is overlooked and we pride ourselves on our immaculate attention to detail and efficiency.

Our greatest achievement occurs when we are able to help you take your business to the next level.

Why S & C Administrative Consultants?

We take things a step further and provide suggestions to save money and more importantly make more money – we don’t just provide data entry.

We assist you by providing accurate, detailed and timely bookkeeping assistance, and by
utilizing our monthly reports, you can make timely business decisions rather than waiting until year end to see where you are at financially.

By maintaining your books on a continual basis, provided that all the documentation is provided to us, we can have your year-end documentation prepared within one month of your year-end. This enables you to provide your auditor with this information in a timely manner so that your year-end audit can be done.

We are knowledgeable, accountable, available, and competent and most of all we understandaccounting terms and can explain them to you in plain English.

l Tel: 072 609 4008 l Fax: 086 670 7013 l accountants@administrativeconsultants.co.za l
l 255 Albertus Street, La Montagne, 0184 l P.O. Box 1337, Hatfield, 0028 l

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