. South African Revenue Services.
Register as a new taxpayer, Register for VAT, Register for eFiling, Register for PAYE/SDL/UIF (Pay As You Earn/Skills Development Levy/Unemployment Insurance Fund).
Construction industry Development Board complete and submit registrations, Grading Advise.
. Business Finance.
Preparations of budgets, cash flows, management accounts and annual financial statements.
. Department of Trade and Industry.
Founding of close corporations and companies, annual return submissions, restoration of close corporations and companies.
. Payroll Services.
UIF returns and electronic file, PAYE, SDL Levies IRP5 and IT3(a) certificates and electronic file, COIDA (Compensation Of Injuries and Diseases Act) returns.
l Tel: 072 609 4008 l Fax: 086 670 7013 l accountants@administrativeconsultants.co.za l
l 255 Albertus Street, La Montagne, 0184 l P.O. Box 1337, Hatfield, 0028 l

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