Registration Services:

. Founding and amendments of a Close Corporation and Companies
. Registration as taxpayer
. Value Added Tax registration
. Employee Tax registration
. Unemployment Insurance Fund registration
. Compensation Commissioner Registration

Monthly Services:

We offer monthly bookkeeping and payroll services.

Our bookkeeping services would include all processing of transactions to management account level. We also attend to the preparation and submission of the monthly returns i.e. PAYE, SDL, UIF and VAT every second month. We can arrange collection of all documentation at your premises on a monthly basis. We also provide services virtually through e-mail, facsimile and postal delivery. With today’s modern technology no file is too big or too small to transfer both securely and effectively.

The monthly service package includes the following:

. Bookkeeping
. VAT returns
. Payroll
. PAYE, SDL & UIF returns

* We have Monthly Plans on the monthly service packages.

Monthly plans start with a minimum of 5 hours per month with a six-month commitment.

Payroll Solutions:

We offer a tailor-made solution to all payroll difficulties through experience, expertise and a complete range of services. The expert team of payroll professionals is always on hand to ensure personal service no matter the size of your organisation.

A complete service portfolio ensures that payrolls are professionally and cost effectively
processed every month. Reporting standards can be customized to the specific needs of the client. Our preferred use of world-class software provides a stable platform for data and is at
the forefront of international developments.

The dedicated payroll processing office means that there are no shutdowns or staff changes that can delay or interrupt the continuity that is required for the payroll function.
Data is maintained offsite and system back up facility ensures data integrity and security.
Strict confidentiality of payroll information is always maintained and recommends a separate Executive Payroll to ensure that this sensitive information remains secure and is removed from internal staff scrutiny.

Delivery of payslips is by means of confidential hard copy.

IRP5’s and IT3’s need to be prepared for all employees. Thereafter the IRP5 and IT3 (a) reconciliation returns have to be prepared and submitted to SARS.

. IRP5’s & IT3’s
. IRP5 reconciliation
. IT3 (a)

Bi-annual Services:

Provisional tax returns are prepared and submitted as follows:

. 1st provisional – 31 August . 2nd provisional – 28 February
. Bi-annual reconciliations

Please note that 4 provisional tax returns have to be done i.e. for the members as individual taxpayers and the company.

Annual Services:

On an annual basis we will prepare the Annual Financial Statements and thereafter the annual tax returns.

. Annual Financial Statements
. IT14 – Annual tax return
. IT12 – Annual tax return for individual - each member or director

Business Advisor:

Whilst serving articles, the member was actively involved in managing owner drivers of the Amalgamated Beverage Industries Owner Driver Scheme.


For the individual we have Tax’sured that will cover all your taxation needs.

Other Services:

Our other services include preparation of budgets and cash flows, management accounts for banks, earnings certificates, drafting of contracts of employment for employees, salary
structuring, tax consulting, tax clearance applications, changes to statutory documents,
CIPRO Annual Returns, auditing solutions, data capturing and other secretarial services.